HDTV is a new technology that has added to the consumer's viewing pleasure. HDTV reviews report that people are upgrading their old standard definition televisions for the new and improved HDTV models. The new technology has also introduced a few new features that bring the television to life and make the pictures seem real and the sound quality outstanding. Let's take a look at a few of the most impressive features on the new high tech model televisions.

Most consumers certainly remember the old tube televisions that were the standard a few decades ago. All consumers had one basic choice. Today, consumers are faced with impressive features like LED, Plasma, or LCD. According to HDTV Reviews, LED TV is gaining great popularity over the other types. LED is also known as light emitting diodes. LED is also favored for the low energy usage level and brighter picture. Still, there are those who prefer the LCD and the Plasma television. At one time the LCD and Plasma were quite expensive according to Sony HDTV Reviews. Now, the prices have dropped considerably in the last few years. In fact, Vizio HDTV Reviews state that their LCD models have also dropped in price. 
Another great feature that is very popular with consumers are smart television features or Smart TV. Wondering what the big deal is about Smart TV. Smart TV provides full entertainment, according to HDTV Reviews. Smart TVs allow access to the Internet. In fact, they act like your computer. Many feature a browser and allow the user to surf the Internet and visit various websites. The Smart TV feature also gives the consumer immediate access to streaming. It is easy to stream a movie from a provider online straight to  HDTV. Generally, the Smart TV feature also provides plenty of apps for the consumer to use. The apps are very similar to the apps a consumer might have on their tablet or cellphone. Generally, the consumer will pay a lot more for those type of smart features. Those on a budget might want to avoid Smart TVs and the added expense.